Well, I like gathering together a group of friends and guildies and hitting content together, which has been more or less what I’ve done in class up to this point.

I’ve been an active gamer since forever including tabletops like Dungeons and Dragon 2nd ed. More recently, I’ve been playing WoW on Zul’jin server since it was released. I’ve done all of raid content through the beginning of BfA. Also, I was an active PvPer in the initial battlegrounds and retired more or less after my 100,000 HK. My most recent guild on ZJ is a casual hardcore guild, Remnants, where I’ve been most of Legion. Before that I was with a small casual guild, Primis Inter Paris, since just after Wraith of the Lich King. I’ve stuck to feral dps and tanking druids most of my raiding career until Legion, when I switched to mostly a demonhunter, dps or tank depending on guild needs. Other experience - I was a guild lead, officer, and raid leader during the end of Vanilla through WotLK.

Discord: Vor#6461

Contact info:

PST on Pagle

Region: Pagle

Timezone: EST

Weekly availability:

8-11:30 Tuesday-Friday

Language: English

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