Played and cleared vanilla, from Kaz to KT, even killed Thunderaan - I’ve done it all. Looking to main tank / main OT for a guild, while contributing well more than my fair share. Knowledgeable about all game mechanics, dungeons, and boss fights in Classic. Currently playing a Tauren Warrior on Smolderweb and looking to get into a start up guild for end game content. I have some experienced friends that would be interested as well. We are on a PvP server and willing to transfer as long as it’s also a PvP server - we came back to WoW for the nostalgia and that’s what we want.

Discord: Travis#1847

Contact info:

Smolderweb-Horde - my discord Best way to contact is by email

Region: US

Timezone: Central

Weekly availability:

Sunday’s, Monday’s, Tuesday’s - Any time.

Language: EN

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