I am the guild leader of on Ashkandi, Alliance. I am Pashiona, and I have been playing World of Warcraft since Burning Crusade. I did not get to enjoy Vanilla but I am having such a blast so far. Its still a lot of what I remember, and a few things I didn’t know, and I am enjoying the feeling of somewhat being a noob, but also a veteran player. My guild is just about having a community. Its very casual, and we have had a slight drop off over the past couple weeks. I would really like to find more people, new and veteran players alike, who want to be part of a friendly guild, who enjoy helping others out (and asking when they need help as well). All players are welcome, so long as you are willing to learn especially if you want to do guild and group content. Being casual is fine and its what I prefer, but at least be able to pull your weight :)

Discord: Pashiona#5023

Contact info:

Through Discord, or in-game (Pashiona#1924)

Region: NA

Timezone: EST

Weekly availability:

Weekends, weeknights no specific times, but I am not looking for a guild

Language: EN