I myself love WoW and am pretty stoked about classic being here. I started playing back in Vanilla and played all the way through to ICC. I just had my son born a few days ago, so my current online availability is extremely limited. We do however have plenty of people on consistently most of the day. I’m 31 medically retired military. So i basically stay home all the time. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me. If im not on the discord find “Kile, or Proclarush” to either get assistance or to get ahold of me personally. I will do my best. Oh, also, my number 1 goal to accomplish is to get my hands on Thunderfury and be Prot while raiding if that wasnt semi obvious by my name.

Discord: bonesrob13#7080

Contact info:

Region: NA

Timezone: CST

Weekly availability:

1st raid group will eventually be fri-sun starting 8:30 ish cst, 2nd raid group will be weeknights, mon-thurs same time. subject to change.

Language: EN