I’m 27. I’m looking to play a Warrior (primarily Prot) on Horde. I started during TBC, mained a Mage. Did some casual raiding on Mage in TBC/WotLK, did some DK Tank and Druid Heals/Boom in Cata, did some more serious raiding at the beginning of MoP on Shaman Resto/Ele before I quit. I’m going to be taking college courses full-time so I’m going to try to dedicate all my time to just my warrior, but if I make a second character it will be something that can heal.

Discord: Jamie/Yams#0736

Contact info:

Yimmeryams#1344, yimmeryams@gmail.com

Region: US East

Timezone: EST

Weekly availability:

Preferred: Wed, Thurs, Sun 6pm to 11pm Eastern works best but I might be able to flex it, more so on weekends. The preferred days of the week based on the group of people I plan on trying to play with, but taking just me into account, at this point I can work around any day.

Language: EN

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