M, 31 years old. Alliance, non-negotiable. Restoration druid master(wannabe). Only video game I play in my spare time is WoW and although I don’t put as many hours as I did back in the days, I always try to make them count. Consider me a casual try-hard, focused on my restoration druid’s top-game only, both in PvE and especially in PvP.
Played from day 1 until mid-Wotlk non seriously due to school/military and then quit for my studies. Came back mid-Legion where I managed 2380(R13) in RBGS within 2 seasons with my resto-druid alt, and then in BFA got my Cutting Edge with my rogue main. So basically I’m done with modern WoW for now and its time to enjoy the wonderful pace of Classic. LF mature and relaxed guild with adults who might have limited time to enjoy the game but will be most efficient whenever they do so. Would also like to be in a guild that can challenge world bosses and have a serious PvP drive.Secret fetish of mine is being an aspirant gold-making goblin. (Elune, forgive me)

Discord: Iskios#5979

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Region: EU PvP

Timezone: GMT+3

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Mondays and Tuesdays not available in evenings until 9pm(GMT+3)