My names Tom. Online I go by the handle of Redzy.

Started playing WoW in 2005 up till End of Cata. Re-joined at the end of MoP through to BFA, currently on a break from live until patches come in to fix the game. WoW introduced me to MMO’s / RPGs & I’ve been in love ever since!

I’m GM of Havoc - Mograine EU We are a casual PvE guild looking for more players to fill our ranks and raid roster. Please send me a message on here or in game (Redz/Redzy) if you’re interested!


Contact info:

RedzyRussell#2228 Mograine Horde - Redz / Redzy

Region: EU

Timezone: BST

Weekly availability:

3 days per week. 7pm - 10pm UK (BST)

Language: EN