My name is John. I am the recruiting officer for Random Encounter. A NA PVE-RP classic guild. My friends call me Myth. I have been playing MMORPGs since late Vanilla Wow, so I missed much of the original experience. I do enjoy helping other players whenever I can. In the last couple of years, my better half has joined me in gaming, so I am one of those fortunate couples. Hopefully I can drag her into Classic.

I work as a Power Engineer in a Paper Mill. (I babysit an overgrown tea kettle. Think Homer Simpson combined with Tim the Tool man Taylor.) I am a shift worker, so my play time can vary. My home is in Ontario, Canada

Discord: Mythonhaos#11437

Contact info:

Region: NA

Timezone: EST

Weekly availability:

Shift Worker. Availability varies but on mobile discord most of the time.

Language: EN

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