“Alright adventurers, the time for greatness is quickly approaching! Join with us to protect Azeroth. Grab your sword and fight the Horde!”

We are an Alliance (NA) Guild that will be formed on a PvP realm at launch. We are a group of real-life friends and coworkers looking to build a fun and productive group of people that want to enjoy everything Classic WoW has to offer - from raiding to world PvP and battlegrounds, maybe a sprinkle of role-play to top it all off. We have experienced raiders from every expansion to noobies to Classic WoW. We plan on low pressure leveling - I mean lets stop and smell the roses, right? Although, I know there will be a few of us that will waste no time getting to level 60, we will not expect that from everyone. Once level 60, we will have our focus on farming Pre-BIS gear, maxing our professions, ranking up from honor farming, and helping guildies to reach level 60. Our goal is to progress through all raid and PvP content.

Discord: 007#1267

Contact info:

You can also contact our Guild Master, ice9#4515 from discord.

Region: NA

Timezone: CST

Weekly availability:

Main Raid Times, Thursday → 9pm to 1am (CST/CDT). Sunday → 8pm to 12am (CST/CDT). Saturday → 10pm to 2am (CST/CDT).

Language: EN