WoW Classic Server List and Status*

Here's an exhaustive WoW Classic realm list. Here you'll be able to find the best wow classic server for you based on region, language, and recruiting guilds! You'll also be able to tell if there are any classic wow servers down. Determine if your favorite servers are down for maintenance or offline for any other reason. Find out if there's a specific realm status in World of Warcraft.

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United States servers and realms:

Server Type Guilds Characters Status
Anathema PvP Anathema guilds Anathema characters Online
Arcanite Reaper PvP Arcanite Reaper guilds Arcanite Reaper characters Online
Ashkandi PvE Ashkandi guilds Ashkandi characters Online
Atiesh PvE Atiesh guilds Atiesh characters Online
Azuresong PvE Azuresong guilds Azuresong characters Online
Benediction PvP Benediction guilds Benediction characters Online
Bigglesworth PvP Bigglesworth guilds Bigglesworth characters Online
Blaumeux PvP Blaumeux guilds Blaumeux characters Online
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Bloodsail Buccaneers guilds Bloodsail Buccaneers characters Online
Deviate Delight RP-PvP Deviate Delight guilds Deviate Delight characters Online
Earthfury PvP Earthfury guilds Earthfury characters Online
Faerlina PvP Faerlina guilds Faerlina characters Online
Fairbanks PvP Fairbanks guilds Fairbanks characters Online
Grobbulus RP-PvP Grobbulus guilds Grobbulus characters Online
Heartseeker PvP Heartseeker guilds Heartseeker characters Online
Herod PvP Herod guilds Herod characters Online
Incendius PvP Incendius guilds Incendius characters Online
Kirtonos PvP Kirtonos guilds Kirtonos characters Online
Kromcrush PvP Kromcrush guilds Kromcrush characters Online
Kurinaxx PvP Kurinaxx guilds Kurinaxx characters Online
Mankrik PvE Mankrik guilds Mankrik characters Online
Myzrael PvE Myzrael guilds Myzrael characters Online
Netherwind PvP Netherwind guilds Netherwind characters Online
Old Blanchy PvE Old Blanchy guilds Old Blanchy characters Online
Pagle PvE Pagle guilds Pagle characters Online
Rattlegore PvP Rattlegore guilds Rattlegore characters Online
Skeram PvP Skeram guilds Skeram characters Online
Smolderweb PvP Smolderweb guilds Smolderweb characters Online
Stalagg PvP Stalagg guilds Stalagg characters Online
Thalnos PvP Thalnos guilds Thalnos characters Online
Thunderfury PvP Thunderfury guilds Thunderfury characters Online
Westfall PvE Westfall guilds Westfall characters Online
Whitemane PvP Whitemane guilds Whitemane characters Online
Windseeker PvE Windseeker guilds Windseeker characters Online

Supported realms and servers in Europe:

Language Server Type Status
French Amnennar PvP Online
English Ashbringer PvP Online
French Auberdine PvE Online
English Bloodfang PvP Online
German Dragon's Call PvP Online
English Dreadmist PvP Online
German Everlook PvE Online
French Finkle PvP Online
English Firemaw PvP Online
English Flamelash PvP Online
English Gandling PvP Online
English Gehennas PvP Online
English Golemagg PvP Online
English Hydraxian Waterlords RP Online
English Judgement PvP Online
German Lakeshire PvE Online
German Lucifron PvP Online
English Mirage Raceway PvE Online
English Mograine PvP Online
English Nethergarde Keep PvE Online
English Noggenfogger PvP Online
German Patchwerk PvP Online
English Pyrewood Village PvE Online
German Razorfen PvE Online
English Razorgore PvP Online
English Shazzrah PvP Online
English Skullflame PvP Online
English Stonespine PvP Online
French Sulfuras PvP Online
English Ten Storms PvP Online
German Transcendence PvP Online
German Venoxis PvP Online
English Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP Online
Russian Змейталак (Wyrmthalak) PvP Online
Russian Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP Online
Russian Рок-Делар (Rhok’delar) PvP Online
Russian Хроми (Chromie) PvE Online

Chinese Realms:

Server Type Language Status
匕首岭 (Dagger Hills) PvE Chinese Online
哈霍兰 (Huhuran) PvP Chinese Online
寒脊山小径 (Coldridge Pass) PvE Chinese Online
布鲁 (Buru) PvP Chinese Online
木喉要塞 (Timbermaw Hold) RP Chinese Online
碧玉矿洞 (Azurelode Mine) PvE Chinese Online
范克瑞斯 (Fankriss) PvP Chinese Online
辛迪加 (Syndicate) RP-PvP Chinese Online

The following Realms are in Oceania:

Server Type Language Status
Arugal PvP English Online
Felstriker PvP English Online
Remulos PvE English Online
Yojamba PvP English Online

Here are the Latin America servers:

Server Type Language Status
Loatheb PvP Spanish Online

Servers in Brazil:

Server Type Language Status
Sul'thraze PvP Portuguese Online

* Statistically likely status for the average server.