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Server: Thalnos
Name Region Faction Server type Server Guild type Intensity Timezone Lang Scarab lord Server first Members Leader
<The carebears> United States - PvP Thalnos PvE Other English, spanish false 1 Star
<Klaxo Basic> NA A PvP Thalnos PvP Hardcore CST English true true 1 Daddymomar
<Infernal> NA H PvP Thalnos PvP Semi-Hardcore EST English true false 1 Achilles
<ta na Disney> NA A PvP Thalnos PvE Semi-Hardcore EST Portuguese, English, Spanish, French false false 1 SrTwist
<The Hearth> NA H PvP Thalnos PvE Semi-Hardcore EST English false false 1 Thanatu
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