RP-PVP WoW Classic Guilds Recruiting


Guild type: RP-PVP
Name Region Faction Server type Server Guild type Intensity Timezone Lang Scarab lord Server first Members Leader
<Logic> United States H PvP Herod RP-PVP Casual EST English false false 1 Nelfay
<5th knight immortals> United States - - Benediction RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore Central English true true 1 Nox
<Unshackled> United States H RP-PVP Grobbulus RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore CST English false false 1 Tuskboar
<Dyslexic Champignons> Europe H RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP Casual GMT English false false 1 Numbskull
<The Earthwalker Tribe> EU H RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP Casual +1 CEST English false false 1 Theholycow
<123> EU - PvP Gandling RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore english 1 sheerolf
<The Vigilant Crusade> NA A RP-PVP Grobbulus RP-PVP Casual Various English false true 1 Therapeus
<Kingship of the North> NA A RP-PVP Grobbulus RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore EST English true true 1 Rockout
<Centurion> EU A RP-PVP Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore GMT - UK English false false 1 Koldir
<WoWislam> EU H RP-PVP - RP-PVP Semi-Hardcore Arabic, English 1 Bobolebobo
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