Brief information: Players are required in the semi-casual Ural-Siberian guild of South Ural on the EU (EN) server from the Urals, Siberia and we will also be glad to those who wish from other regions of our vast country and the CIS countries, countries Baltic States and European countries (Serbia and Bulgaria). We do not require all players to be experienced WoW: Classic veterans, but of course we welcome those. But besides this, we came to this game to remember what the game was 15 years ago and how it all began, also, we don’t require you to play with those bundles of race / class that scare you at the forums that they unplayable and so on. Or are you looking for where to go to unplayable classes, for example, retrick or feral. With us you can play and enjoy the game and not be in discomfort. The main direction of PvP or PvE with us we will not weep the pleasure of playing in all aspects of the game, both from PvP and from passing dungeons and raids.

The main objective of the guild: -Bring together players from the Urals and Siberia, as well as helping new players to master World of warcraft: Classic (add-ons, guides, builds, tactics). -Slow pumping of characters up to LVL 60 as part of a group; -Close PvE content without harming your personal life (2-3 raid days); -Fan on BG and World PVP; -Nice time in a friendly team

Telegramm : Discord : TeamSpeak3 : will be available after starting the servers We are on the off forum

Loot Policy

Either EPGP or Consul Loot

Raid Requirements

all classes

Raid Times

  1. Raid time: from ~ 17: 00 to ~ 21: 00;
  2. Raid days: tentatively Wednesday and Saturday;


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Shystrik Paladin Holy Dwarf