Inspired by the heroic actions of Fuel Rats group in Elite: Dangerous, exists with the sole purpose of helping others in World of Warcraft: Classic.

We have one goal; helping out any adventurers we come across. Some will come to us for help, but we should always be open to seeking out others who may be in need. Your level, equipment or the amount of wealth matters not. What matters is a healthy and friendly attitude. We do not have set roles for our members (PvE helper, PvP helper, crafter etc.) because we want you to be exemplary members of the Horde; no matter the activity. We only expect you to be kind to others, guild members and non-guildies alike.

As long as you wear the guild tag, you should always remember that you are representing this guild with your actions. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you; don’t ninja loot, don’t spam the chat, help out low level players in quests and dungeons, give them food and potions and buffs, and perhaps some 6-8 slotted bags etc.

Helping out others is not the only reason for our existence; obviously we should be able to enjoy the game on our own as well! Such as;

5 man dungeon runs (leveling dungeons, max level dungeons)

  • World PvP
  • Molten Core / ZG / AQ20 / BWL / Onyxia runs should be doable with enough people. AQ40/Naxx is not on our scope.
  • Attunement/key runs
  • Some light Battlegrounds (when they are released)
  • “Fuel Runs” where we go out to the wild and help random players

Loot Policy

To be decided with everyone.

Raid Requirements


Raid Times

To be decided with everyone.



You can contact Gallow at the Discord username: Gallow#0847. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Gallow Warrior Tank Undead