Salt Miners is a Progression / Semi-Hardcore guild for Classic created by a veteran group of players. Experience in Vanilla up to Saph, tons of PS experience, ranking pushes, mythic raiding and multiple gladiator titles after Vanilla. We are mainly a PvE focused guild but will likely have PvP related events throughout Classic’s life span. I’m a 31 year old Marine veteran and I’ve played wow since release. Leadership is a bunch of laid back 30+ year olds who are goal oriented. We want to kill bosses and have a great time doing it, we aren’t here to babysit or micromanage anyone. You take care of your stuff and we will take care of the raids.

Loot Policy

Loot will be distributed by a 5 man loot council. Determinations on loot will be made based on attendance, performance, guild presence, attitude, and reward density.

Attendance - This is the number one thing you can do to guarantee you get your items. If you show up to every raid, on time, with your consumes, and a proper spec, I guarantee we will take care of you.

Performance - This is pretty standard stuff. If you are killing it we are going to get you the tools you need to do your thing.

Guild Presence - Here are some things that I would include in this aspect; helping people get their pre-bis items, running optional raids, attending guild events, spying for world bosses. It’s literally everything you do OUTSIDE the raid that helps the guild. We take note of all that and your contributions wont be forgotten.

Attitude - Nobody likes a debbie downer and nobody likes side cliques where you have people trash talking half the raid. While we know that there is no way you are going to get 40 people in the same room without some personality clashes, we expect everyone to act like adults. People that are good at setting aside their differences and working as a team will be rewarded.

Reward Density - We understand that you aren’t going to want to raid for 3 months before you see your first piece of gear just because you don’t have quite as much time to invest as Joe Schmoe. We are going to spread the love around while making sure key players get key items.

Raid Requirements





We don’t want to recruit a large bench. Be on time or let us know before hand if you will be late or gone that night.

We expect you to be 60 between 2 and 3 weeks from launch, but the sooner the better. We aren’t saying there is going to be no meme-specs in the guild, but they will be limited(likely less than 5) and unless we are aware of your intentions before hand you will be expected to show up with your standard raid spec.

We are looking for people who understand progression raiding and don’t need me or anyone else to constantly inspect you or check your buff bar. Self accountability is a big deal.

People who start side discords or chat channels with the sole purpose of bad mouthing other guildies will be removed and there will be no warning for this process at all. If you are making the raid unfun for people because you have an excessively negative attitude, you like calling out people’s mistakes, or you just generally are being a turd we will attempt to work with you to curb this stuff, but at the end of the day you are expected to be a pleasant person to raid with.

Please note there is a difference between friendly banter or competitiveness and being an Ahole. We banter with eachother all the time and crack jokes. Just make sure it’s all in good fun. It’s just as important to have thick skin as it is to be pleasant to others.

I emphasize complete and total transparency with leadership. You can expect to come to me for any problems you have for any reason and it will be taken seriously.



You can contact Kickproof at the Discord username: Kickproof#9753. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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