We are comprised of players who all have extensive experience in retail WoW (everything from world top 200 to world top 5) and private servers. Most of us have raided in WoW since 2005/2006. Many are unhappy with the state of BFA and all of us have been looking forward to Classic since the reveal back in 2017. Our goals for launch are to level up as fast as we can while still enjoying the experience by playing in groups, doing dungeons etc.,farming pre-raid BiS, getting attuned, and clearing Molten Core by week 3 (a date will be set near launch).

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Raid Requirements

We expect you to always bring full consumables for progress (farm raids requirements will be lower). You should always be on time, and try to make it to every raid. We do understand that this is not always possible but high attendance is expected. You should also have a working mic, be able to communicate when asked to, take and give criticism, and have fun.

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Name Class Spec Race
Dranet Paladin 35/11/5 Human
Cloudbells Mage 18/0/33 Human