[A]Ludicrous Speed is now recruiting! Established in anticipation of Classic WoW, we are an endgame raiding guild made up of long-time WoW players and veterans of the vanilla private server scene. Our focus is on getting things done, yet doing so without burning out and forgetting it’s a game. We’re an older crowd, mainly professional adults, and are understanding of real life commitments. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed group to clear content with, please join our discord

Loot Policy

DKP. Tank items will be Loot Council when necessary for progression.

Raid Requirements

Mature, 18yrs+

Have a mic and are able to communicate in English

Understanding of basic class mechanics

Prepared and on time to raid with proper talents (hybrids will be expected to heal)

Positive Attitude - No negative/toxic players

Raid Times

AET (GMT/UTC +10-11)

Wednesday + Thursday 21:00-24:00

Sunday 20:00-24:00

These times are reserved for later content patches (AQ, Naxx). Early raid content will require less time investment (1-2 days per week).


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Cliff Warlock 7/21/23 Human