Zoo on Gehennas horde is a guild compiled of a very tryhard group of people. We have experienced most of it, be it world first raiding in retail or rank 1 titles in arenas and rated bgs. Most of us also have extensive private server knowledge, always being part of the top guild(s) which gives us the edge we need to establish us as the #1 horde guild across all borders.

Our goals:

  • Be #1 horde guild on the speedrunning leaderboards (current record: 34min for MC)
  • Have a big presence in the PvP scene both by having a great number of rankers but also fighting for contested areas such as BRM, Un’Goro and most importantly world bosses

Our expectations:

  • Since we’re keeping a very small roster to maximize the loot and the fact that we prefer quality over quantity we expect a very high attendance (90%+)
  • There is no slacking, we expect min max in all regards, be it gear or enchants
  • Easy going with a mature attitude - we’re not here to waste time on drama

We offer:

  • Dedicated & mature leadership with extensive experience from both world first raiding and high level PvP
  • A fair loot council who rewards performance and dedication, if you perform well expect to be rewarded
  • Competitive yet relaxed atmosphere during raids, people who consistently fuck around will be replaced
  • Split raids to maximize gear for our mains (most of us have a 2nd 60 for this!)

Raid times: Since our goals are both PvE and PvP oriented we will be keeping a raiding schedule that minimizes the respecs needed, i.e. we will be raiding back-to-back tuesday + wednesday resulting in 13 days of PVP specs. You will therefore be expected to show up on the following days: Tuesdays & Wednesday 19-23 - (PVE spec required) Sunday 19-23 - (optional for Onyxia since 5 days reset timer, PvP spec accepted) Questions? Poke one of the “Zookeepers”

No questions? https://forms.gle/nQxPAb84VtdTWUft7

Discord: https://discord.gg/maY4Nmz

Loot Policy

Loot council

Raid Requirements

At this point we’re only looking for players who can either convince us with high arena/pvp experience and/or raiding at a top level.

Raid Times

Wednesday & Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00



You can contact Finrodi at the Discord username: Finrodi#0328. Don't forget to mention you found them at ClassicRaids.com!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Finrodi Warrior 99/99/99 Orc