(Updated 9/16/2019) We will be located on the Pagle PVE NA server.

Raiding recruitment is OPEN.
Class Needs: Resto Druid Holy Paladin Warlock Holy Priest

We are still accepting casual players who would like a morning home to run dungeons!

We are looking for dedicated people who want to get in and clear content. A new or old player, if you are dedicated, we want you on the team! is a brand new guild created from the ground up with Classic in mind. We are on a PVE server with a PVE focus.


We will strive to provide an efficient raiding environment for those who want to achieve steady progression through all six phases of World of Warcraft: Classic. To that end, we are aiming for:

-Week 4 Molten Core clears -Split-Raids as early as Phase 2 -Clear current content in 1 raid night -Clear Naxxramas and obtain full Best-in-Slot for our members.

With these goals in mind we hope to create a positive and mature atmosphere within the guild. We are not hardcore in our raid schedule nor do we expect players to put in extreme hours prepping for raids. However, we do expect reasonable investment from our members. You must want to contribute and help the entire team succeed. We value maturity and honesty above all else. Every single member is expected to set an example for our server on how quality players should behave. All raiding members should be logged on and ready 15 minutes before the raid start time. During progression we expect our raiders to show up with full consumables to help us get the kills we need.

Loot Policy

HOW DO WE HANDLE LOOT? -The loot tables of World of Warcraft: Classic are based on Patch 1.12.1. These loot tables have been finalized for a long time, and the community has made tremendous progress determining what items are the best for each role across all six content phases. Our Loot Council will use this knowledge to aid progression on a guild-comes-first basis. We will be using Loot Council for all Best-in-Slot and one-of-a-kind items that drop during our raids. These items will be discussed both before and during raids. Our intent is to have full transparency between the Loot Council and all guild members. If you are unsure what items will be distributed via Council, please ask your Class Leader. All other loot will be handed out using Roll Decay. What is BiS will be set in advance, is always up for discussion outside of raids, and will be adapted in the event of ample evidence catered to the guild-first mindset. We want to put loot where it best serves the guild as a whole while eliminating drama and waste.

WHAT IS LOOT COUNCIL? -Our Loot Council will be a small group of both officers and raiders who will discuss and distribute loot that drops during our raids. It’s members will be determined during the leveling process before raids begin in Phase 1.

WHAT IS ROLL DECAY? -For loot that is not worthy of going through the loot council, we will use with Main-spec > Off-spec > Player-versus-player priority. If you win one of these items as your Main-spec then you will get a -20 penalty to your roll for all future items that lockout period. This -20 penalty to your /roll will apply every time you win an item (-20, -40, -60, -80, -100). This penalty is reset the following lockout and only applies to 40-man raids.

Raid Requirements

The raid schedule shall include world buff acquisition if practical. We will strive for one-day clears, and we will never require raiding on any other day of the week. However, depending on our needs and progress, we may utilize planned raid-day extensions to complete specific content. The intent of each raid day is to clear content and fulfill everyone’s BiS. If there is interest, we may designate optional raid days for alts, or squeeze in an additional farm raid, but not to the detriment of our purpose.

Raid Times

RAID SCHEDULE RAID TIMES - Eastern Standard Time (U.S., Morning) RAID DAYS - MON/WED/THUR Wednesday: 7:00-10:00 AM EST Thursday: 7:00-10:00 AM EST Monday: 7:00-10:00 AM EST



You can contact Cannae at the Discord username: Cannae#7591. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Cannae Warrior Fury Human