FREE HUGS is a semi-hardcore guild that aims for raid progression, PvP mayhem, legendary questing, and just all out fun!

We accept anyone of any age, race, class, and experience. As long as you have ambition to raid and progress with us as a guild, and to have fun with us in PvP and guild events, then you are welcome in! However, we do not tolerate trolls or players who want to cause drama. If you are susceptible to causing drama in the guild, please refrain from joining the guild. We also do not tolerate hate towards the members of the guild based on who they are, i.e their race, accent, language, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In other words: Please be respectful!

As of right now, we aren’t looking for any classes in particular, especially since the game hasn’t release yet and we already have a tight roster of players. However, we might need a Priest, a few Rogues, DPS Warriors, and maybe another Shaman or Druid. We are looking for a specific 40 player group set up for the first tier raid:

  • 8 Warriors (2 Tanks)
  • 6 Rogues
  • 4 Warlocks
  • 6 Mages
  • 3 Hunters
  • 5 Priests (1 DPS)
  • 3 Druid (1 DPS)
  • 5 Shaman (1 DPS)

Yes, we only have so much room for DPS Priests, Druids, and Shamans. Even though they are very handy in some situations, this is generally what the roster will look like for now. It will slightly change depending on the raid, but just keep a mental note of the roster.

We do offer positions for Class, Profession, and Guild Officers for those who want to go above and beyond in assisting the guild.

  • Class Officers help teach and manage players of a specific class so they know the best set up for a given situation. Players are recommended to have knowledge about their selected class before applying.
  • Profession Officers help players manage gathering and crafting professions for the guild. Most Profession Officers are recommended to have a general idea as to the locations of reagents for gathering, and recipes for crafting, and to understand the benefit of those professions towards the guild.
  • Guild Officers help manage the guild as a whole, generally assisting with development of guild rules and set up. Guild Officers also act as Raid Officers and will most likely be responsible for dispersing loot and organizing raids in the guild leader’s absence. Players are recommended to have some knowledge with prior guilds and/or dedication to assisting the guild in raiding and/or PvP.

When the game releases, we will be giving everyone plenty of time to level, gear, and grind for raiding. We are planning on raiding about 30-40 days after release; we aren’t racing to beat Molten Core in the first week. That is just insane. We are here to enjoy the game more than make it a living nightmare of endless grind and 24/7 playing. Go at your own pace, and enjoy the game! (Especially if you are new to Classic.)

We do have a Discord with the rest of our members. If you would like to join us, or have any questions or comments, please send a message to the guild leader NeonInuGanetto#3614 and he shall invite you in!

Loot Policy

Zero Point DKP & Priority Loot Mix

Players earn DKP for being on time to raids, help killing bosses, donating loot and gold to the guild bank, and simply just helping the guild progress in any way. Players can use those DKP points to spend on loot that drops in raids. Some items that drop are only available to certain classes, which will be pointed out when we start raiding. When a player wants an item that is dropped in a raid, the person with the highest DKP value will spend a set amount of points for that item, however, the points they spend will be divided evenly with the rest of the raid. (Ex: A player spends 30 DKP on an item, that 30 is divided equally to the rest of the 39 members of the raid. 30/39 = .7692… So, each member is given 1 DKP since it’s rounded to the nearest whole number.) Each item that drops in the raid will either have a set value to them or will be auctioned off, i.e. players who want it will /whisper to the officer how much they want to spend and the player with the highest value will earn it.

Some items that are extrememly rare, such as legendary items, will be given to players that will use it to benefit the entire guild. For example, Thunderfury will only be given to Warrior Tanks since they will benefit the raids progression much more than if another class uses it. When it comes to the Scarab Lord title and mount, we will discuss who shall obtain it when we get closer to that point. It will be very difficult to determine the lucky player(s) who shall be granted such a rare reward.

For donating items, we shall keep track as to who donates what to make sure we don’t have an overstock of resources. To make sure the DKP values are fair, we will be decreasing and increasing the prices of resources donated to the guild. We may even offer bonuses to items more rare than others. We will provide a spreadsheet as to what items we are looking for, and for what their values are. DKP values will fluctuate depending on how much we have and how difficult it is to obtain them.

PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE AND EXPLOIT THE SYSTEM This system is meant to help manage loot disperse and to assist with guild progression. If players exploit this system, it won’t help the guild progress as a whole. We aim to make it as fair as possible, and if we need to make adjustments, then we shall. As of right now, this is what we have decided on doing. If you have any questions or comments, please let the guild leader know on Discord.

Raid Requirements

Gear Up, Learn the Raid, Use your Buffs, and Hit the Boss Very Hard!

Raid Times

Tue, Wed, Thur: 7pm-10pm CST

Players are expected to arrive at the raid between 6:30pm-6:55pm. We are aiming to pull at 7pm sharp, if not, a few minutes past 7.

Arriving past 7:05pm will be counted as late.

Leaving the raid between 7:10pm and 9:50pm will be counted as abandonment and will be taken into account when managing DKP.



You can contact Trogdor at the Discord username: NeonInuGanetto#3614. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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