For Fun is a more casually and social orientated raiding guild as Horde on a PvP server. This means we will raid and aim to clear all content, but on a more relaxed schedule and mindset. The social aspect of the guild is also very important to us. For too long on retail the sense of community has died in the game and it is a shame. We hope to remake the original sense of community within our guild so even if you don’t raid, you have a home where you can have fun and make friends. There will be social events like hide and seek, fashion competitions, catfish dules and also a Stormwind streaking competition, all with prizes! The guild aims to be like an in-game family, were we care about each and every one of our members. We do not intend to be “the biggest” or “best” guild on the server. We intend to be that guild whose members log on because they want to spend time with it’s members.

Loot Policy

Loot council.

Raid Requirements

If you agree to come to a raid, you are expected to turn up.

Raid Times

Wednesday and Saturday: 20:00-23:00 (Server Time/CET)


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Jani Priest N/A Undead
Shanpu Druid Feral kitty Tauren
Pada Shaman 0/5/46 Troll
Boush Rogue Stabby Troll
Joosua Mage N/A Undead