guild size currently at 20 members. Have been slowly prepping for classic for about a year now, Great group of people with past experience with leadership roles. Looking for mature players to fill our ranks and crush through content

Contact me on discord : #Chass6385

Loot Policy

a Mixed LC/roll system where lesser items are simply rolled for by everyone that its useful for while greater/BIS gear is rolled by the more dedicated members.

Raid Requirements

Attunements for MC/ony are priority once reaching 60.discord and always prepared with consumables

Raid Times

Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm Server time. Invites start 7-730 and pull at 8pm. Raids will be 2hours max during farm and during progression if needed well try to push an additional hour or so depending on the situation.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Trapstar Hunter 2/31/18 Tauren
Nevets Mage 17/0/34 Undead
Mythbran Mage ? Troll
Bia Shaman Undecided Orc
Worton Druid 11/33/7 Tauren