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MELTDOWN is an order of companionship and betterment. Those within our ranks are here seeking an uplifting community and wish to be part of something deeper than themselves. Built on a strong foundation of social interaction, each member joins with a bond to another and a willingness to trust. Our purpose is to bring out the best in each of our members.

Our Goals

  • To build meaningful connections with other players.
  • To assist players in need.
  • To remain a top 85 percentile raid guild.
  • To reach respectable ranks in PvP.
  • For our guild name to be eminent on our server.

More to Offer

  • Compilation of only the best classic-related resources.
  • Community driven to help each other improve.
  • Clear-cut coordination.
  • Raid supplies as able.


  • Be an example of the guild goals and values.
  • One or more professions should be used to benefit the guild.
  • Advertise in guild chat before general chat.
  • Compliance with Discord, and Classic ToS.
  • Discord is a must!

If interested, join our Discord and get to know our community.

Loot Policy

Loot Council 5 individuals chosen weekly of varying rank.

Class-specific priority is given for BiS Loot.

Raid Requirements

  • Discord is a must!
  • Prefer 85% Pre-raid bis or equivalent gear.
  • Understanding of your role on any given boss.

Raid Times

9PM Eastern Tues, Wed, Thursday


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Alerion Warrior 0/31/20 Orc