We ask that if you are interested in applying to the guild that you join the guild discord below and fill out the application in the #application channel. Thanks!


Ascension is looking for all like-minded Classic players who want to play at a high level and enjoy the game to its fullest. We are a highly organized and experienced group of Vanilla WoW veterans who’ve been preparing for Classic, and we need YOU to consider joining us for the ride!

We will be a hardcore raiding guild and we will be doing many things to make raiding as easy and smooth as possible. We understand that the Classic version of WoW is more of a 2 year marathon than it is a patch to patch sprint. We have set up our looting system, informational spreadsheets, and other aspects of the guilds function in such a way as to promote a playing style that is consistent and manageable.

Whether you’ve played Vanilla for years or you have never played in Vanilla WoW before, if you are looking to take it seriously and play at a high level we are interested in you!

We are looking for individuals:

  • Who are passionate about the game and who can appreciate the unique grind that Classic will bring. The entire game is one very long marathon, and knowing how to pace yourself in the game is vital to avoid burnout.

  • Who are looking to join a community and who treat others with respect. Regardless of your ability level, we will not let our enforcement of high standards make room for or excuse selfish and toxic attitudes. You can expect us to be firm and fair. We don’t embrace the nerd raging, screaming over Discord lifestyle.

  • Who are self-starters and will do everything possible to stay on top of your class. While we will be willing to help you learn the finer points of Classic and how to master things such as gold farming, pre-bis farming, leveling, time management, etc., we will not have much tolerance for mistakes made in raid. If you have raided in a mythic raiding guild in current content or have any experience raiding top level content while it’s current, you should find most of the Classic raids to be child’s play in comparison. We expect total preparation in understanding class mechanics, bringing proper consumables to raid, obtaining all world buffs, having fully enchanted gear, and being able to intelligently follow raid leader instructions.

Loot Policy

We use a soft restriction DKP system w/Loot Council. This is a system that allows nearly all items to be distributed under normal DKP rules with some class/spec restrictions. For the few items in the game that are disproportionately more powerful than other items or that represents an important min/max decision, we will enforce a Loot Council system where DKP gained has no weight in the decision. A full explanation of our system is available within our spreadsheets and all loot and DKP gained will be tracked and public for the guild to view.

Raid Requirements

We are NOT looking to rush to 60 and burn out the guild right at the beginning. While we’ll set a tentative time to start raiding, we want everyone to enjoy the leveling process and have time to relive the nostalgia that the game will be bringing. We are thinking about 6 weeks or so from the start of the server that we’ll attempt getting into MC and starting things up. We will of course raid earlier or later depending on where the guild is at. Once again, the goal is to not burn you out at the start but still get things going in a reasonable time frame.

Raid Times

Raid times are: Monday - Wednesday - Thursday from 8:30pm to 12:00am CST. Raiding content will be quickly condensed into 1 day, which then we’ll alternate Thursday and Monday as a guild farm day or to use for Onyxia/ZG/AQ20 lockouts or alt/main raids. Eventually, all 3 days will be consistently used so we will alternate the off-day in order to keep people used to making time in their schedule to raid those days. We highly encourage leveling an alt as we will be utilizing split raids to gear out our raiders more efficiently.


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Guild Members

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