Our goal is to form a serious raid group whilst still being open to casual players. We plan to help our guild members gear up and earn DKP for raiding, or initial goal is to get as many players who have genuine intent on raiding.

We aim for a minimum-stress maximum fun environment and plan on clearing every raid.

Our ranking system will be as follows. Members who join the guild will start as an initiate, after a week they will be given assigned to the Casual role. Any player who attends a raid and expresses their wish to become an active raider will be listed as such so that we may begin to form an Elite core raid-group. Our raids will mainly consist of raiders / elite core group and casual players will be filled in as needed if they wish to attend the raid.

If you are interested in joining a new guild looking to form a core raid group and maintain a casual active casual playerbase where anyone can join and play together, then join our discord where you can see our currently setup DKP system and ask any questions you may have.

Loot Policy

In depth DKP loot system, more information can be found by messaging guild leader, or by joining the guild!

Raid Requirements

Current requirements are to be a dedicated player, show you have genuine intent on raiding by obtaining pre-bis, getting attuned, and helping other guildies with these tasks.

Raid Times

Currently our most likely times range from 7pm EST - 12 AM EST Fri, Sat, Sun can go longer depending on will of the raiders.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Connor Warrior 8/5/38 Tauren