“From that moment, we traveled together East… Always into the East.” -


  • We are players spanning throughout multiple expansions of Retail WoW, looking forward to reliving the glory days of Vanilla by participating in the grand adventure set before us as PvE raiders and PvP enthusiasts.
  • Above all else, we strive to live by the motto of Bill and Ted: “BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!!”


  • While our main goal will be raiding and clearly content efficiently, we will be focusing on creating a community first and foremost, building our trust in one another and learning who is able to perform specific roles.
  • Being familiar with raid fights isn’t required, but we strive not to waste others’ time with lengthy explanations or continuous raid wipes to the same mechanic.
  • Overall, having a good time with good people! We want signing on to be a fun experience and not a stressful one!


  • As a PvE raider: Be knowledgeable of your class and have the desire to improve yourself - whether that be through the acquisition of gear, perfecting your rotation or increasing your attention to mechanics. Try to put the raid before yourself.
  • As a PvPer: Show up ready to coordinate with team members.
  • As a Social: Be kind and courteous in guild chat, make friends, and be excellent!


  • Current plan is to raid twice a week; Wednesday and Thursday (this may change depending on how Classic raids feel after launch.)
  • Raiding will START at 8:15PM EST.
  • Raid will have a 10 MINUTE BREAK around 10:00PM EST for raiders to stretch, etc.
  • Raid will END at 11:45PM EST.
  • It cannot be stressed enough: “Don’t waste our time, and we won’t waste yours.” Be READY to raid when the time comes.

Loot Policy

EP/GP with a Loot Council for Tank Gearing and PvP items (think two-handed weapons from MC.)

Raid Requirements

  • Bring a viable PvE spec - Class Leaders to determine if you meet said requirement. Retribution Paladins and Moonkin Druids are not viable specs.

  • Put time and effort into your character (don’t be fresh from dinging 60.)

  • Bring consumables to better your performance (flasks are not required.)

Raid Times

  • Raid will occur twice a week; Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Raiding will START (meaning the first pull of the night - NOT when you need to sign in to be invited) no later than 7:15PM CST.

  • Raid will have a 10 MINUTE BREAK around 9:00PM CST for raiders to get up, stretch, get a drink of water, use the restroom, etc.

  • Raid will END no later than 10:45PM CST.


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Parker Warlock 7/21/23 Human