NA PvP Alliance We have 100 members who will be using 5 man teams doing dungeon spell cleave or melee cleave to reach 60 quickly. We are then merging with various other raid guilds and will become a brother/sister guilds to get our guys pre BiS and raiding fast. Dungeon grinding is yielding incredible xp per hour, as can be seen in videos made by Hakurai. We aim to use these methods in conjunction with strong guild support to level our hardcore players within 4.5-6 days played. Whether you are a hardcore player looking to fill your own team, or you are looking to join a team OR if you are simply a casual member looking for the odd dungeon group, we will offer you immense support during your leveling process and act as a mediator to get you raiding ASAP. **How does it work?** You join our discord. You tell me if you are a solo or have a group. We note your info, your schedule and we find you a group of like-minded players to fill out your dungeon grind team. For more information please join our discord at

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You can contact DungeonBoss at the Discord username: Corey#6648. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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DungeonBoss Warrior 31 Gnome