The Marshal Plan A Semi-Hardcore - Is an original Vanilla WoW Guild from Drak’Thul, we are comprised of Military and Classic WoW Veterans. We are a group of life-long wow players, and friends coming back together for classic. Our guild’s core consists of outstanding players with decades of experience. We are looking for committed RAIDERS for our progression raid team. Our PvP team is comprised of original Rank 14/13 leadership.

Our Guild is a team, one cohesive unit that works for the mutual benefit of all. TMP is only for those enthusiastic about Warcraft. Joining is a commitment that means you will make friends, accomplish goals, get geared, and invest the next few years of your life to having the best Classic WoW experience possible.

How to apply: Join us on discord for an interview -

Loot Policy

Loot Council -While everyone will get loot and get rich together as a guild, the people who put the extra time and effort into it will be rewarded with the first consideration for certain items. Raiders will get out of the guild what they put into it. Your performance and attitude will determine your rank, and your rank will determine the loot priority.

Raid Requirements

We are a guild of Classic WoW and Military Veterans. I expect raiders to be on time and prepared for the raid. Prior raiding experience is required.

*General Guild Requirements

  1. Be on time – Online 30 mins before the raid. 1st time late warning. 2nd time demotion. 3rd time Gkick. (No call / No show = Gkick, even if the pool’s on fire)
  2. Be prepared. (mechanics, consumes, regs)
  3. Follow orders. (cohesion between ranks, utilize proper lines of communication)
  4. Be respectful of fellow raiders. (Officer / Chief constructive critiques only)
  5. Be sober during raid hours. (No drinking)
  6. No loot trading / loot whoring / Issuing ultimatums / selling raid items. (Instant Gkick)

Raid Times

Tues / Thurs / (Progression Monday) @ 9PM Eastern



You can contact Veskr at the Discord username: Veskr#6541. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Veskr Mage 17/0/34 Gnome