Who We Are Dragonclaw is a semi-hardcore raiding guild who is looking to create a community of dedicated, generous, motivated, and skilled players. Raiding is our forefront, our goal, and our motivation, to seek progress and to improve towards a common goal. We aren’t looking for min/maxers but what we do look for are those who have the skills and motivation to improve, seek knowledge and to share that with like-minded people. We want to keep the environment relaxing, calm, and enjoyable for everyone as well as flexible while still making progress towards clearing content.

Our Goals We want to raid and progress through content from Molten Core all the way to Naxxramas at a relaxed and steady pace, and to build a community.

Who We Are Looking For We are looking for people who show motivation for improvement, who have knowledge of the game and possess a good attitude. New players as well as returning veterans, are all welcome within the guild. We look for people who can work well together with others to accomplish tasks as a team, and brings a good attitude to raids. We also have spots open for those who want to take a larger role within the guild as officers or moderators for the discord server and guild website all applications are on the discord in the application channel.

Schedule Thursday/Friday 7:00 P.M PST Saturday 7:00 P.M PST Sunday 7:00 P.M PST Thursday and Friday are flexible raid nights.

Loot Distribution EPGP system for the majority of all loot distribution with exceptions to legendaries, profession materials, and tank gear, the guild loot council will decide how best to distribute these loots based on factors determined by members within the guild.

If you have any questions you can message me on discord, and if you are interested you can apply on the guild discord: Guild Discord

Loot Policy

EPGP for majority of raid loot with exceptions to legendaries, profession materials, and tank gear being decided by a loot council.

Raid Requirements

Motivation to improve, learn and possess a good attitude to bring to raids.

Raid Times

Friday or Thursday 7 PM Saturday 7 PM Sunday 7 PM



You can contact Surrak at the Discord username: PaperKiwi#3500. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Surrak Warrior 17/3/31 Dwarf