We are seeking to fill out a few spots on both our Evening and Night raid teams for BWL. Currently clearing MC (10/10) and Onyxia (1) weekly. Social members always welcome!

About us: Asgaard is a mixed group of veteran and new players. We have a chill atmosphere where everyone can have fun and enjoy WoW. We value a culture of integrity and respect for other people - guildies and others on the server. We don’t tolerate any sort of toxic behavior, hate speech, homophobia, sexism or racism.

About our raid teams: We like to raid and still have time for RL! Casual in attitude, but serious about getting it done. We expect to clear all current tier on a 2 day/6-hour a week raid schedule. Most of our raiders have extensive Vanilla and retail experience and are committed to classic full time! Pls note: Working mic and Discord are required for raiders.

Transfers also welcome!

Want to join us? Visit our Discord channel for a chat at You can also contact our recruiters in-game: Gertrudean, Clser and Kheeva.

Loot Policy

We use a DKP loot system with bidding and a BIS priority list to encourage attendance. Lists are open to raider feedback before tier begins. Legendaries are handled via loot council.

Raid Requirements

Mic and Discord required.

Be ready at raid entrance 15 mins prior to raid start time.

Have equipment repaired.

Do NOT be pvp-flagged.

Raid Times

Evening Raid Team - Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm

  • 1-2 healers - especially Resto Shaman!
  • 3-4 DPS - looking especially for 1 Hunter and 1 Enh Shaman

Night Raid Team - Friday & Saturday, 12-3am

  • DPS all classes, especially melee.
  • Accepting resto druid and resto shaman - full on healing priests, but shadow priest welcome.
  • Tank recruits should be willing to flex to DPS as needed.


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Kheeva Druid 20/0/31 Tauren