Invictus of Skeram consists of three raid groups, all of which operate independently of one another, yet collaborate to provide the best possible Classic experience. This account represents the Black Mamba raid group and will be recruiting here for its purposes. If you are not a fit for Black Mamba, you may be a fit for one of our other raid groups and we would be happy to refer you if that is appropriate. Please feel free to contact us about your interest in raiding.

Loot Policy

Zero-sum DKP

Raid Requirements

DPS players are required to maintain a 50% parse average as measured via warcraftlogs. Healers and tanks are evaluated more qualitatively. All members are required to treat one another with respect and fairness, exercise discipline in the use of communications during raid, and to provide notice of both planned and sudden absences to the raid leader. Additional information will be provided here shortly.

Raid Times

Tuesday & Thursday 10 PM to 1 AM server time (EST)



You can contact Zubrowka at the Discord username: Zubrowka#8361. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Zubrowka Shaman 0/5/46 Tauren