Luna is a progression raiding guild with dedicated officers that have successfully led raid teams throughout Vanilla including BWL, Naxx, and AQ. We strive to provide a friendly, welcoming, and respectful raiding environment that effectively and efficiently maintains a high level of performance. We encourage raid members to treat raiding with the same level of seriousness, commitment, and consideration as they would on any sport or academic team.

Loot Policy

Luna uses the EPGP (Effort Points and Gear Points) loot system which awards Effort Points to members for the completion of team objectives (e.g. boss kills and progression investments) and Gear Points, a cumulative measure of points spent on gear acquisition. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; PR = EP/GP (Priority is equal to Effort Points / Gear Points). Raid team members may opt to use points to acquire gear and the item is distributed to the member with the highest priority score. Their priority score is immediately recalculated based on their new Gear Points. We use the CEPGP mod, available in Twitch, to provide real time updates and transparent access to value points for all raid members.

Raid Requirements

We believe that a successful team depends on raid members that are willing to pursue individual excellence by being on site, on time, and on mains for raid invites; proactively research game mechanics and boss strategies; confer with class leads about builds, roles, and assignments; bring sufficient, necessary consumables; listen to instructions and tactical call-outs; and give their best effort throughout the entirety of raid events. We also ask that raid members post anticipated absences or tardiness in the opt-out channel at their earliest convenience and discuss recurring or long-term absences with class leads.

Raid Times

Raid Schedule: Wed 7:30PM -11PM EST / Sun 7PM-11PM EST


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Sunkilmoon Rogue 14/32/0 Human