Time Lapse|NA-PvP|Mon/Tues| 7:45 EST start time|Semi hardcore|Loot Council

Time Lapse formed on Kronos 3, 2 days after launch. We cleared all content efficiently, and plan to have a great time doing so again on classic. So far we will be bringing a 25 man core to classic. We offer experienced leadership, in an enjoyable raid environment.

Member Expectations : We expect all of our members to show up with their consumables and pre raid buffs, ready to slay some monsters. Our ideal raider would be consistent, passionate, and have a basic knowledge of their class. Knowledgable class leaders will be around to help along the way. We won’t be pushing for a server first, but our raids will be efficient and clean.

Goals : We will continue to build up a close community, and progress through new content as quickly as possible. Maintain a solid community with many great friends. Wpvp as well as BG with guildies. Raid nights will be fast paced and FUN. There will be 20 mans and plenty of members online during off nights to do activities with.

Loot system: Loot will be distributed with a LC system. Attendance, attitude, performance, and class priority will all play a factor when distributing loot. Players who take their time to gather consumables/buffs, and show up weekly will be appreciated and rewarded.

Raid Schedule : Mon/Tues 7:45 EST start time, 11pm EST end time. (30-45 mins online before start time to gather wbuffs)

RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Warrior: Medium Rogue: High Hunter: Medium Druid: Medium (1 Bear will be accepted) Mage: Low Priest: Low Warlock: Low Paladin: Medium

Apply here If there are any questions, feel free to PM Dog#9079,duty#6061, zeros#6680, Miller#7751, Dumblindeaf#2817.

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Mon/Tues 7:45 EST start time.



You can contact Dog at the Discord username: Dog #9079. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Dog Undecided 31/0/20 Human