We are a semi-hardcore, PvE focused Horde guild on US-Thunderfury. We are recruiting raiders for main raid spots and bench spots for BWL.

Loot Policy

We use the Loot Council system.

Tanks will have priority on tier and tanking pieces. Caster DPS will have priority on caster weapons. Melee weapons will go to members who need them for MAIN SPEC.

These are obviously very basic rules. There many more factors that come into play when handing out loot (i.e. raid attendance, skill factor, item that is being replaced, etc.).

Raid Requirements

We are recruiting the following classes for BWL:

Core/Bench off-tank warriors

Core/Bench GEARED fury warriors WITH weapons (Deathbringer, etc.)

Core/Bench GEARED rogues WITH weapons (Vis’kag, Perdition’s, etc.)

Core/Bench resto shamans

We are always looking for:

GEARED mages

GEARED healing/shadow priests

GEARED resto druids

GEARED warlocks

Raid Times

Our raid days are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays at 6 PM server time and end at 10 PM server time.

If you are unable to make raids, you must let an officer know ahead of time.


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Heehees Warrior 17/34/0 Orc