DO IT LIVE is a horde morning guild on Pagle who came together at the beginning of classic.

We have maintained the same core people since launch and cleared MC and Onyxia for 16 weeks now. We are a semi hardcore guild that likes to have fun and rarely “clears comms” in our raid settings. That being said, we do take progression seriously and expect the same out of new recruits.

We want our members to enjoy their time in game while also clearing everything classic has and will have to offer.

Loot Policy

Our raid runs a loot council system with multiple officer eyes on the process and it has worked well for us with attendance, preparation and performance being factored against recent loot allocation.

Raid Requirements

We have open spots for both a Warlock & Rogue, however any exceptional dps will be considered.

All classes considered for casual/social spots.

Basic Requirements:

Show up to raid. Be on time with consumables and put effort into your class.

Ideal candidates:

Be a person that can take a joke and not be easily offended. Don’t be an elitist jerk. We will clear this content. It’s ok to wipe and we might but we will get it.

We’re looking for a few dps that want to raid with us long term and make that toon their main.

We realize the morning slot is niche and hope you can find a home with us in a time slot you need.

With BWL releasing shortly it would be nice if the candidates have at least preBiS blues. We simply do not have a lot of time to gear you up before p3.

We will always take casuals into the guild and we have plenty of friendly members willing to run dungeons.

If you’re interested in joining us:

Officer: jbayz#3836 (discord) Officer: DrRelik#0509 (discord)

Raid Times

Wed/Thu 9:30am - 1:30pm (EST)

*Currently we’re clearing all raids on Wed but will pick Thu back up in p3.


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Guild Members

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Äxe Warrior 17/34/0 Orc