is a Mirage Raceway guild, setting and achieving realistic though serious goals under the banner of the Knights of Justice EU gaming community. We are aiming to offer both raiding and semi-casual worlds for our members, by providing end game content (PVE and PVP) for like minded individuals and adventurers. Upward mobility is a core feature of the platform and thus we have created an environment which enables casuals the opportunity to progress should they desire, and raiders to further excel.

Our core constituency is based in England/Europe and we schedule events and activities around GMT/CET(realm time). We are also Armed Forces and North American friendly/accommodating, having already members from different countries and time zones.

How do you know you might be Hench? Ask yourself :

More inspired by Tom Hardy than Asmongold? You might just be Hench.

Interchange the word “progress” with “gains” frequently? You might just be Hench.

Are you able to contribute to making a guild thrive, with good skills, experience, the right attitude and/or keen interest in bestowing knowledge to others? You might just be Hench.

Speak to us about becoming involved with a mature, experienced and dedicated guild where whether a new player or a veteran, you can be more than a face in the zerg crowd or a fly on the wall.. you can be Hench.

More about the guild

Our promise

  • People before pixels
  • Going the extra distance with dedication and drive
  • Supporting guild members beyond the tag under their name

Long term aims

  • All end game content and raids (every phase)
  • PVP battle grounds

Current Objectives

  • Twenty and Forty-man raids (3/10 Molten Core[Full guild; non pug])
  • Pre made dungeons and Best in Slot farming
  • Ongoing class leader recruiting

Roster availability For Raiding(subject to change, please inquire if class not listed) :

  • Two Shamans, two Priest, three mages and two damage/one tank Warriors
  • Role/Spec negotiable

For Casual:

  • All classes and levels are welcome

What we expect from our members

  • Honesty and effort
  • A guild first approach
  • Comfortable to receive guidance and instruction
  • Decent at English typing, though speaking is a bonus
  • Be active on Discord and
  • Comfortable with voice communications, if only to listen
  • Good knowledge of American cultural references is a plus for trivia nights!

Communications We use Discord and which provides notifications to Discord for ease of access and convenience of events, forum posts and news.

How and where to join Apply at and/or visit us at to apply and post a notice in the Hench text channel requesting a Henchman or Scout’s assistance. Please be patient and we will respond.

Alternatively find myself in-game.

Loot Policy

KSK + occasional loot council

Raid Times

Friday 8:00 Realm

Sunday 6:30 Realm


  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Sadistic Warrior 0/0/0 Orc