Jan 16th 2020

POWER is recruiting! We’re looking for exceptional players of all classes for trial/raider positions.

POWER runs 2 equally distributed Tuesday raids that feed into a speedrun roster, which will take place once a month going forward. We also have a Saturday social raid, and most current raiders/trials have level 60 alts that get mixed into rosters for gear distribution - this would be expected of you as well.

Accomplishments: World 6th Ragnaros (Day 8) Server First Ragnaros Server First Onyxia (Day 9) Top 10 MC clear time (October)

We’ve recently come back from a 2 month break from competitive PvE while ranking, so now is a perfect time to step in and learn the ropes if this is a new experience for you. Due to some player burnout / transfers, this is a great opportunity for fresh blood to step in, make some friends, and play competitively as we work towards BWL.

Raid Times: Raiders/Trials - Tuesday 9pm EST Socials - Saturday 9pm EST

High Priority Openings: 2 Prot Warriors 2 Warlocks 2 Holy/Disc Priest 2 Holy Pallies Infinite Fury Warriors

Get a hold of me on Discord if you have any questions or if you’re interested in transferring - only extremely high performance players in key slots will be considered for paid transfers*

Discord: linkitcraig#6730 or StaysafeTV#6388

Loot Policy

Loot Council

Raid Requirements

Full pre-raid bis/ epic mount/enchants . pref level 60 alt . engineering highly recommended

Raid Times

Tuesday/Saturday 9pm EST



You can contact Linkitcraig at the Discord username: linkitcraig#6730. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Linkitcraig Priest 31/20/0 Dwarf