The first term in our guild name is also our priority. Because: “Life is a party, and everyone is invited”! That means you are invited as well! Let’s get one thing straight though, progressing through the raid encounters and enjoying the various pieces of content WoW Classic has to offer goes hand in hand with the Party Crasher life 😊

What can do for you? • You are welcomed into an active network of 200+ guildmembers! Joining or starting guild groups for diverse 5-man content, leveling journeys and all-round fun is the norm here with us. • We provide an active and coordinated Discord server for voice communication and out-of-game social contact with your beloved guildies. • You can count on an engaged team of officers that is committed to further strengthen the guild far into the future of WoW Classic. To accomplish this, we accommodate an open and social environment where the Officers actively seek out suggestions, improvements and initiatives from all guildmembers. o For example: Together with our raiders, the Officers worked on a unique and balanced loot-system that guarantees raid loot for all raiders that attend, engage and have fun during our raidnights.

Raid Requirements

• A Party Crasher Raider is someone that knows how to combine the following: Having a good time & Playing the game to his or her best potential. • A Party Crasher Raider can fit the 2-day raid schedule in his or her personal planning. • A Party Crasher Raider enjoys keeping his or her class- and current raid encounter-knowledge up to speed. • A Party Crasher Raider is open to giving and receiving constructive advice to fellow raid members and officers.

Raid Times

Molten Core & Onyxia: TUESDAY 19:30 - 23:00 (Until finished) BWL: THURSDAY 19:30 - 23:00


<Party Crashers>

You can contact <Party Crashers> at the Discord username: simonlucky7#3323. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
<Party Crashers> Shaman Restoration / Enhancement Orc