Introduction - We have created an environment that is enjoyable to log into everyday, where everybody knows each other in discord & we only run one super tight knit Raid group. We are looking for just a few members to add to our roster for BWL, following a few of our players quitting the game. We only need 2-3 spots filled atm, so come talk to us even if it’s just for curiosities sake! We are a top guild on our server.

Loot Policy

Loot Council / Wish-List

Raid Requirements

For progression we build consumable lists. We require 75% attendance for raiders & 90% attendance for core raiders. We do 3 casual nights and 1 parse night a month once a raid is on farm. Discord with a mic is a must. We also require Threat Meter, DBM, and RClootcouncil.

Raid Times

Sunday 10pm-1am Monday 9pm-12am



You can contact ieatglue at the Discord username: Noahjay#0001. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
ieatglue Mage 31/0/20 Gnome