We have a tight knit group of players who have been playing together since BC at a high level. Previous iterations of this guild reached US Top 100 and many of our players have at some point or another been in World Top 10 or US Top 10 guilds. We enjoy our raids. That is to say, it is a point at which 30-40 people come together, have fun, drink some beers, talk shit, and kill dragons. Discord is active and full of laughter. We would rather have a 2 hour raid that is filled with good times than a silent 1 hour clear. Example: MC has been on farm for months now…so our raids are a little goofy. Come BWL - we tighten it up till its farm, then let the good times roll tide!

We clear MC in about 1 h 40m average. We did our first Rag kill about 5-6 weeks into launch (about the time we all hit 60) with 35ish people. We’ve cleared Ony with 14 people but usually run 20-40 depending on lockout timer.

Loot Policy

RC loot council - Moving towards EPGP system of some sort when BWL launches

Raid Requirements

-Discord ( -Good brain above all else. -Passion for the game, lore, friendship, quests, and murdering dragons. -We have the best discord banter around. Casual racism, dank memes, political debates, discussions on the finer points of NASCAR. Pre-Raid Blue BIS or close to it. Consumables: Everyone brings a handful of useful potions for their class/role. Not requiring world buffs and firewater on every pull, but nearly all DPS have a mongoose going the entire raid.

Raid Times

Tuesday Thursday 5pm-8pm (Longer or shorted depending on peoples interested and content difficulty). If we get a boss to 1% and its 10pm…we will pull at least 1 more time.



You can contact Purgee at the Discord username: Purgee#3636. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Cynthalus Warrior 17/3/31 Tauren
Purgee Shaman 0/0/51 Orc