So primarily I have a group of about 15 people, their hardcoreness varies from Casual to Hardcore, but they’re all good players. We’ve all been through the private server scene. We’re thinking Tuesday/Thursday Raid nights in the ballpark that you have We’ve got one guy who’s claiming hes ressurecting his old guildmates who ran Naxx, but I havn’t seen anything there to hold my breathe on. But overall we’ve between my Co-GM and I, we just have a stupid amount of experience. I’ve mained a Hunter for 14 years in both retail and classic. We’ve been on 3 private servers. Our original plan was going to be DKP or some equivilent, but due to effeciency, our guildmembers have asked us to do some sort of Loot Council But yeah, at this point its a no commitment thing. I know a bunch of us are taking off the first week and planning our routes Our goal being to hit 60 within the first week. We’ll rock it out and crush some dungeons. We’ve got experienced players who can help with research and everything.

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You can contact Swiftdeus at the Discord username: Swiftdeus#4225. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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