Third Day is a group of gamers with over 15+ years of history across multiple games and platforms. We all have work, kids, and drama in our lives already. So we are not looking to have any of that with in the guild. We are seeking gamers who want to enjoy what little time they have and kill pixels. Hope to see you in game. Rame .o7

Loot Policy

MS>OS If an item can be used by multiple classes Tanks>Healers>DPS Legendary Items will be provided to players who can put in the effort to farm mats and raid attendance.

Raid Requirements

Only requirement is to be an awesome person who enjoys raiding, dungeons, pvp, World of Warcraft, and plays well in a team environment.

There will be a trial period for all applicants; just want to make sure your actually an awesome person o7.

Raid Times

Majority of the guild is CST/PST with a few EST. Raids will be starting forming around 5:30 server time and run for two to three hours.



You can contact Rame at the Discord username: Avitus#7170. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Rame Warrior 17/3/31 Tauren