Are you getting tired of your current guild? Sick of corrupt loot councils? Do you avoid communicating because there are too many rules or because people are too easily offended? Kingdom is looking for fellow insomniacs, alcoholics, and all around bad motherf—kers. Our goal is to clear content quickly and efficiently while maintaining relaxed competitive raiding environment. We believe in quality over quantity. We are seeking like minded individuals who aren’t easily offended and want to have fun, but know when it’s time to get serious. Communication and being prepared are highly encouraged. We assist our members in obtaining their pre-raid gear and help with attunements. Constructive criticism is key to our success. Our members are expected to hold themselves accountable and responsible for their performance.


Momotchi | bnet zylra#1152


Bossmage | bnet bossmage#11451

Thejolly | bnet shrimby#1158

Vehemenz | bnet deckloot#3030


Loot Policy

Kingdom operate on a smart best in slot free roll system. Best in slot items will be free rolled by all classes and specs an item is considered best in slot for. Tanks receive priority on tanking gear. Leadership will mediate concerns as a last resort. We believe this system ensures speed, fairness, and eliminates unnecessary human bias.

Raid Requirements

Current Class Needs:

Warrior - Open

Druid - [Restoration] Low, [Feral] Low, [Balance] Closed

Priest - [Holy] Open, [Shadow] Closed, [Discipline] Low

Mage - Low

Warlock - Open

Hunter - Open

Paladin - [Holy] Open, [Retribution] Closed, [Protection] Closed

Rogue - Open

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

Raid Times

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM PST Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Monday is considered backup, or reserved for a 20 minute Onyxia kill, it will be used more during progression.



You can contact Bossmage at the Discord username: Bossmage#7124. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Bossmage Druid 11/33/7 Night Elf