Welcome to ! We are good group of folks ready to push the content we remember growing up.

Loot Policy

Limit of 2 items per raid week. Ony loot is separate from Raid nights.MS>OS highest roll wins. Can loot council depending on how many pieces someone has versus someone else. All mats, recipes, quest items etc… go to guildies. Alterez picks up random mat drops off trash and sends them to guild bank to use for guild purposes. Rarely take pugs in raids only if needed or recruiting purposes.

Raid Requirements

Most or all Pre raid Best in slot

Raid Times

RAID 1: Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-10pm Ony: Usually Friday 7pm can change depending on reset

RAID 2: Currently recruiting all slots. Times will be: Saturday and Sunday 5pm-8pm


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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Alterez Hunter Marksman Troll