Hi! Heralds of Time will be a guild focused around pushing the latest content at a pace close to Hardcore, the primary difference is that we don’t have plans to use every single World Buff for raiding, but we will still use heads in Orgrimmar, or the warchief buff, when possible. Our loot system will be a mixture of EP/GP and Loot Council, Loot Council will be used for high end items and legendaries, things that will be BiS for multiple phases or are immensely rare.

We will likely start off slowly, as we will still be heavily recruiting when the game launches. We won’t truly slap on that Semi-Hardcore label until Phase 2, and hope to be completely in working order by the release of Blackwing Lair. I want to create a friendly atmosphere, but not a casual one. We will not allow drama stirrers or people who constantly flame in chat channels. The only hate you should bring is a hate against the enemy faction or the bosses you are fighting. You still must pull your weight, and if not you will be benched and potentially eventually removed. I expect everyone to be playing regularly, working to improve their gear.

Discord voice chat required for listening, but a microphone is not required (it’s a 40 man after all)

Loot Policy

We will be using Loot Council for high end items such as Legendaries and incredibly high value BiS items. However for the majority of items, we will be using EP/GP.

Raid Requirements

Requirements will start low (next to nothing) during the start of Classic. However when Blackwing Lair peeks over the horizon, we will become more serious and our requirements will involve mostly proven investment and skill shown throughout MC or during recruitment.

Raid Times

Currently looking at 8:15PM EST to 11:30PM EST



You can contact Time at the Discord username: Eredun#6649. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Time Mage 19/0/32 Winter's Chill Troll