Royal Authorities is a mid-core raiding guild of Grobbulus with the purpose of progressing through content at a reasonable speed. A lot of us want to recreate the feeling we all felt in vanilla, the sense of community and the ability to create our own adventure and friendships while being able to experience what we may have missed the first time around.

The guild was created by a group of online and real-life friends located mainly in the DMV area. We all have a range of experience with raiding from casual to hardcore experience. Our goal is to be able to experience vanilla to its fullest by creating a guild of like-minded individuals who aim to do just the same.

Loot Policy

Loot council will be handled on a priority basis of what would do best for the guild. Players who show promise, performance, and loyalty towards the guilds progression as a whole will be given priority over those who don’t. Just because someone is an officer doesn’t mean they automatically will be held above all others.

We will have seven or more people on the council with the guild leader being one of them to make the final say if a point of contention arises. If an issue does occur, people are entirely welcome to bring up issues and will not be penalized for doing so. Those who are on the loot council will be split among people with good class knowledge and experience.

Raid Requirements

We want to be able to hit the ground running but also enjoy ourselves along the way. This will require some effort on the part of people who wish to raid but not to the extreme other guilds will require.

Our goal is to begin raiding in 9 weeks after launch at least. This has our raiding start date end up as November 11th. If enough people are available before this date we will begin earlier. We believe this 9 week grace period to be generous enough to allow people to take their time and deal with real life while still having people get to 60 in a reasonable amount of time.

We are in this for the fun of it and the journey. “Meme-specs” are very much allowed but in moderation. We still need to clear content after all.

Below is a list of classes and their respective priority.

  • Druid: Low
  • Hunter: Low
  • Mage: Low
  • Paladin: Low
  • Priest: Low
  • Rogue: Low
  • Warlock: Low
  • Warrior: Low

If you are interested, apply here:

If you have any questions send a friend request to Sudnep#1165 on Discord/

You can also join the Recruitment Discord for more information:

Raid Times

8:30-11:30PM EST Tuesday/Thursday



You can contact Faelior at the Discord username: Sudnep#1165. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

  • Members

Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Faelior Warrior 12/5/34 Human