Brand new casual guild looking for more of the social aspect to just play with people. The small group we have now are people that stopped playing after Lich King and were excited to try Classic when it came out. We are a low level guild and are recruiting all levels and all classes. We are actively on discord for chatting when online and we are always questing together. We plan on doing raids when able to. Currently doing DM runs with small groups and when battlegrounds come out we plan on getting groups together for some PVP as well. If you’re looking to do the fun things related to WoW but not have to be tied down to the game like a second job we’re the guild for you. We believe the game is a game and should be treated like it’s a game, yet when it’s time to get together to pull off a dungeon/raid or get together for some PvP we will be as competitive as possible. Currently discussing weekly guild events like a Warsong Gulch Wednesday, Hide and Seek, Level 1 Naked Runs, etc.

Message Spyros#0395 on Discord if you’d like to chat more or get any more information.

Loot Policy

Need > Greed/Don’t be a dick. Just have common courtesy. Problems will be addressed if there is an issue, but basic respect for loot is required.

Raid Requirements


Raid Times

None set



You can contact Avalyn at the Discord username: Spyros#0395. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Avalyn Priest Holy Human