- Sulfuras is looking to fill out our raiding ranks. Currently we are 10/10 MC and 1/1 Ony and are recruiting to fill out our roster and work toward a second raid group. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights with invites going out at 7:30 PM server (EST) and pulls starting at 8:00 PM server (EST). Current loot format is a DKP system. Leadership consists of players from WoW launch in 2004 with years of experience leading and raiding. Progression to a second raid group will be quick so get on board now and get a spot to get that loot. By Class Raid 1: Druid – 2 Resto Hunter – Not Currently Recruiting Mage – Not Currently Recruiting Priest – Not Currently Recruiting Rogue – Not Currently Recruiting Shaman – 1 Resto Warrior – Not Currently Recruiting Warlock – 1 Demonic Sacrifice/ Ruin By Class Raid 2: Druid – 2 Resto Hunter – 2 Marks Mage – 3 Arcane Power/Frost Priest – 3 Holy Rogue – 2 Combat Swords Shaman – 3 Resto Warrior – 3 Fury Warlock – 3 Demonic Sacrifice/ Ruin If interested, please contact us: Discord: Ingame officers: Maximortis, Pieohpah, Myocardium, Blondes, Deadsock, Sifu Reply here with ingame name and class/spec Last update 11/17/19.

Loot Policy

Zero Sum DKP

Raid Requirements

Pre-raid BiS minimum, Fire resist set minimum amount (Ranged 80, Melee 100, Tank capped) Relative consumables for class spec.

Raid Times

Tuesday 7:30PM invites 8:00PM Pull 11:30PM Stop time Wednesday Clean up 7:30PM invites 8:00 Pull



You can contact Myocardium at the Discord username: Myocardium#0194. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Myocardium Warrior Deep Prot Orc