Relapse are recruiting!

We are a fun, casual, social guild looking to build a raiding roster from the ground up. Our goal is to create a relaxed but focused raiding environment and clear all end game content Classic has to offer.

Who are relapse? At the core, we are a bunch of real life friends who grew up playing WoW and are re-creating our Heroic WoTLK raiding guild. We’ve picked up a few great friends since the start of Classic and want to build on this. Although end game raiding is our main focus, we want to build a fun and social community for our members to enjoy. We are hoping to be in this for the long haul, through all phases and additions to the Classic experience. Currently our members take part in PuGs on the server, when we have a few more raiders we will start our own PuGs and then move over to full Guild raids.

What do we expect? Knowledge of your class and the boss/trash mechanics High raid attendance Positive and friendly behaviour Ability to accept instructions/advice/criticism

What we need? As we are building a roster from the ground up, we need everything and everyone!

Druid - OPEN Hunter - OPEN Mage - OPEN Paladin - OPEN Priest - OPEN Rogue - OPEN Shaman - OPEN Warlock - OPEN Warrior - OPEN

Raiding schedule? We aim to raid on Tuesday and Sunday evenings, 19:30/20:00 - 22:30/23:00 UK Time.

Loot? We will distribute loot evenly throughout the raid, with priority given to Tanks and Healers if needed. Loot will be rolled off MS > OS with BiS being a priority. We get that everyone wants to be rewarded for their time - but we are aiming to create a fair loot system so everyone can gear up together.

Interested? If you are interested in joining or want some more information, check out the contacts below: Discord channel: In-game: Gengar, Thunderfury, Ghost, Sizzlin.

Loot Policy

Loot will be rolled off MS > OS with BiS taking a priority. Tanks and Healers may be geared up first if needed.

Raid Requirements

Lvl 60 Attuned

Raid Times

We aim to raid on Tuesday and Sunday evenings, 19:30/20:00 - 22:30/23:00 UK Time.



You can contact Gengar at the Discord username: Dannieftw#5591. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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Guild Members

Name Class Spec Race
Gengar Priest Holy. Human