MISCERS [H] | NA-PvP | Fri/Sat/??? | 2000 - 2400 PST | Semi-Hardcore and PvP | Loot Council

Intro: We are a bunch of semi-degenerates excited to be back for classic. We have a larger community outside of the wow classic player base that lift weights, essentially where we come from. A group of us have been around for a few vanilla private servers. A lot of us have experience from vanilla, private servers, and retail.

We have been recruiting players who are chill, looking to have a good time, while also looking to push content at a nice quick, healthy pace. We aren’t trying to min max to the extreme, but we also want to do well when pushing content.

We are also looking for more class leaders, and other possible leadership roles to fill, if anyone is interested.

We also plan on having a lot of pvp premades and wpvp events.

Member Expectations: We are looking looking for players that may or may not have experience, but are willing to put in effort to listen and follow direction, and most importantly, here to have a good time, if that fits for you, it fits for us. We aren’t looking for drama as most guilds aren’t.

Raid times: plan on raiding an evening that works for every, most likely Friday and/or Sunday, and maybe a 3rd day.

For any questions feel free to drop in on our discord, and check out our website as well.

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You can contact Astrix at the Discord username: Astrix#8347. Don't forget to mention you found them at!

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